3 websites to get you started with ethical design

Daan Annemans

Daan Annemans

What is ethical design? As designers, entrepreneurs and creators we can design more ethically and responsibly if we take into account the values, principles and goals of everyone involved with a project. A lot of different initiatives exists. This will be a short post to share 3 websites or toolkits that inspired us at Altruïs. Three places to start your journey in the world of ethical design.


The  Calm Technology movement


The Calm Tech movement is focused on respecting our attention more when design new technologies. They a list some key principles:

  • Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention
  • Technology should make use of the periphery
  • Technology should amplify the best of technology and the best of humanity
  • Technology can communicate, but doesn’t need to speak
  • Technology should work even when it fails
  • The right amount of technology is the minimum needed to solve the problem
  • Technology should respect social norms


Humane by Design


At the Humane by Design website you can find a great list of ethical design principles and resources, from websites to articles and podcasts.


Responsible design


On this website, whether you are a designer, activist or entrepreneur, you can find a great amount of information and materials to make our practices more responsible for people and the planet.

From their website:

“This tool kit and website brings together emergent best practices, workflows, and tools that communities, educators, mutual aid groups, designers, artists and activists are using for community building, and how design needs to change to best suit people, right now.”


Hope you enjoyed this read!



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