It’s time to reclaim your attention.

And focus on things that matter. Prevent digital distraction, technostress and more with a digital wellbeing workshop for your team.

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Hyperconnectivity is the snake in the digital garden of Eden”

Quote by Arianna Huffington
Constant connectivity and frequent interruptions lead to an increase in stress and mental health issues. Find out how you can help your team.


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Stay focused

If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. The battle for our attention is fierce, but so are we.

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Be like water

Know how to ‘adapt and overcome’ in a digital world that changes fast.

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Be authentic

Authentic as in true. True to yourself, to your nature, to your human nature. Naturally!

A workshop to find
the right digital balance.

In a Digital Wellbeing Workshop teams learn:

♥  why digital wellbeing is important at work.

♥  how to take back control over tech in 4 steps.

♥  what a digitally healthy workspace looks like.

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Picture of Daan

Hi, I’m Daan! The face behind Altruïs.

With a background in digital design, philosophy and mindfulness, it has become my mission to help people find peace of mind in a digital world full of distractions.

Feel free to get in touch by mail!

A week without social media? That’s a challenge!

Altruïs founded the Scrollstop campaign: a challenge to collectively take a week-long break from social media. In 2022 Scrollstop was produced by Stolp and aired on MNM radio.

Tech should help us live a good life, not distract us from it.

Want to book a Digital Wellbeing Workshop for your team?
Feel free to get in touch with Daan.

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